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That Didn’t Go So Well: Greenlight Unearths ’57 Belvedere

Who doesn’t love a good barn find? Someone abandons a cool car in a barn or a garage, only to be discovered decades later in varying degrees of restorablilty? Some are in fine shape, shielded from the elements, some may have been devoured by mice, but there is usually hope.

Then there’s the Tulsa 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. For context, this car is very similar to the hero villain car in Stephen King’s Christine. That Fury was a top-of-the-line coupe, but the Belvedere sedan shared the same basic lines and classic Forward Look styling.

tulsa belvedere greenlight package

Anyway, some folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided to create a time capsule in 1957, for the Tulsarama Celebration. Along with other items, they wrapped a brand new ’57 Belevedere in plastic and stuck it down the hole. Not a model, a real car!

Fifty years later, the capsule was unearthed in 2007, and the car… did not do well. It had been consumed by moisture, rust, and rot.

The folks at Greenlight Models already had a nifty casting of this car, so they did a special Tulsarama version of it, covered in rust and filth. And you know what? It’s still a beautiful car. But you probably won’t want that much patina, and that definitely won’t buff out. There is also a “before” version of the car, which looks a bit nicer.

Find it here online before it dissolves into dust. 

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