Acme Chevy Blazer k-5

The Acme Chevrolet K- Blazer is Hot

There was a time when you could unabashedly say that Chevrolet had never made a bad-looking truck (very recent years challenge that assertion). For some, the pinnacle was the late-60s-mid-70s K5 era Chevy trucks. At first glance, they are sensibly boxy, but then you see the detailed contours that run perfectly horizontally from front to tailgate, often accentuated with a tasty white side panel.

Acme Chevrolet Blazer k-5

The Blazer version of this model is probably the most fondly recalled era of that particular model, with its removable roof, and rugged basicness.

Acme Chevrolet Blazer k-5Acme Models has released the perfect model of that truck, their 1/18 scale 1971 Blazer K5.  It comes in a classic ochre main color with offsetting white side panels. The tires are big and rugged without looking ridiculous. The removable top reveals an insanely detailed interior complete with Cobra CB radio and matching antenna flocked carpeting, multi-color surfaces with chrome and printed accents, and so much more. The detail in the speedometer, on the stickshift knob, and even the pedals are incredible.

Acme Chevy Blazer k-5

Outside, it features the swingaway spare tire and detailed light bars. It’s not cheap, retailing in the $130 range, but it’s a great placeholder for the real thing, which is soaring in price. Gotta think small before you can think big sometimes.