Hot Wheels Pontiac Aztek

The Future is Here (A Couple Months Early)! Hot Wheels 2024

Just like in the real automotive world, next year’s models of your favorite diecast are popping up in showrooms now. You may have noticed the 2024 Hot Wheels models trickling in at your local store, and soon it will be a full-on wave.

Here are some highlights.

Finally… FINALLY! The Pontiac Aztec gets some diecast love (See photo at top). Outside of some Breaking Bad-related models, the homely but ahead-its-time crossover gets the Hot Wheels treatment!

Hot Wheels Autozam Texas Toot

The Mazda Autozam is kind of a head-turner. It doesn’t look like the tiny AZ-1 you might be expecting. No, the Autozam sub-brand also made tiny pickups and utes, and the Scrum is what this one is based on. 

Hot Wheels Monster Hight Ghoul Mobile

Barbie isn’t the only doll to get some diecast love from Hot Wheels. Mattel has created the Ghoul Mobile for their popular Monster High series of dolls. It’s a bit small for the 12-inch figures, but fits right in with their colorfully goth world.

Hot Wheels Mo Stash

One of the best new castings is the Mo-Stash, a car that harkens back to the DIY racing days of the 1930s. It feels like it could be based on a real vintage racer. Also, it has a hidden comb in the casting. No, really!

Hot Wheels Vespa

There’s a Vespa scooter that will likely be available in every color imaginable over the next few years.

As in previous years, some variants are created exclusively for retailers such as Kroger stores, Target, or Wal-Mart. And there will be the usual segments including Treasure Hunts and such.

There are far too many new releases to mention here, so take a gander at the complete list at the Hot Wheels Fandom Wiki. And happy hunting!

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