Hot Wheels RimacNevera

The New Hot Wheels are Here! The New Hot Wheels are Here! 

The New Hot Wheels cars are showing up on the pegs a few at a time, so if you haven’t been to the store lately, you better get on it. We’re not going to do a complete rundown of the whole schedule. but there are some excellent highlights.

The Volvo P1800 Gasser from the HW Dream Garage is based on an actual custom that won the annual competition held during the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. Gassers are always welcome additions, and the P1800 is woefully underrepresented in diecast in any scale.

Hot Wheels Volvo P1800 Gasser

The Dessert Drifter continues in Hot Wheels’ silly tradition of food-based hot rods, this one a Jell-o bundt mold treat in translucent colors. Looks yummy, to be honest. It’s part of the Sweet Rides series.

Hot Wheels-DessertDrifter

The Draggin’ Wagon is a spiritual update to the Radio Flyer hot rod that came out over 25 years ago (Feeling old?)

Hot Wheels Draggin Wagon

The Rimac Nivera (See top of page) is a real car that you will never see in real life, so you might as well snag it in 1:64 scale.

Other old castings include exclusives for Dollar General, Target, and Wal-Mart. And there are a few surprise revivals from the ancient past you’re going to love.

These cars might be available now, might be coming later in 2023, or might even be sold out already. So time to go peg hunting!

Honestly, there are too many to mention. Hot Wheels Wiki has a comprehensive list of what’s coming up, so we suggest you check there for more details!