The Plan to Save the Future of Diecast

A Guest Blog Post from Fireball Tim Lawrence, TV Show/vlog host, automotive and diecast designer, and Selection Committee member with the MCHOF.

We all love diecast. But unless we figure out a way to create longevity and give that love to future generations, it will be lost in time. Someone will say, “Yeah, remember when people used to collect those little metal cars?”

Well, I’m here with a plan, and so is the Model Car Hall of Fame.

Fireball with his diecast collection
Fireball with his collection

Collecting diecast isn’t just about search, collect, repeat. It’s about expanding and enhancing our love of the hobby through our specific channels and attracting younger audiences. And the Model Car Hall of Fame has created a great hub for celebrating us all by celebrating through an exciting online event. A great way to feature the best in the hobby and to pool us together as a thriving community.

The war will be won and maintained through our individual actions via what we love and how we spread that message. And creating an event like this is super exciting.

A Lady Penelope's FAB1 in Fireball's diecast collection
A Lady Penelope’s FAB1 from various brands in Fireball’s collection

Although diecast is the specific, it’s really about cars. We love them so much that we want to see them in our offices, bedrooms, garages and get our hands on the ones we’ll never drive. And I’m very fortunate to be able to drive many unique vehicles through my TV Show, but my target audience is you guys and not kids.

So I’ve hatched a plan to do it through my Coloring Books. The Hall is doing it by creating a massive collector’s event celebration in a very unique and powerful way. And it’s working. Letting those in the hobby shine for what they are achieving… and inspiring others to do the same.

Hot Wheels release of Fireball's own Batmobile design
Hot Wheels release of Fireball’s own Batmobile design

Question is, how can YOU help the hobby? What’s YOUR pipeline? Is it an online Magazine, Newsletter, builds, or Hot Wheels Collector’s Podcast? How can you reach kids through High School, Grade School, After-School Programs, Car Shows or events? What about starting a Diecast Club where you feature the kids and racing?

Point is, there are millions of ways to inject massive energy into the Diecast World and permanently place it into the future for generations to come. Then celebrate it during The Model Car Hall of Fame!

But you have to commit. It’s a Marathon, not a sprint. You have to GIVE LOVE and a LOT OF IT.

Fireball's diecast James Bond Lotus Submarine
Fireball’s James Bond Lotus Submarine

So, join me… and this amazing Hall of Fame as we secure our place in the future of DIECAST & MODEL CARS and highlight those that are giving their all. And don’t forget to hit the website and Nominate your favorites, knowing that you’re carving out the future of the Model Car Hobby for generations to come.

Every single car you collect is an opportunity to share your passion with the world. Do it through Instagram, Facebook, Email, Postcards, Letters and ChitChat. But don’t waste it.

They are gold nuggets of inspiration that keep our minds rooted in love. And LOVE is the key to saving the future of diecast.

You heard the man, head to and show us what you love! – John O’Neil, MCHOF Community Director

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