Tiny Models, Mini Diecast, Big Colors

A diecast brand called Tiny has released a series of models that seems to target a very specific collector segment… graphic and/or interior designers. Designers who love Minis and also collect diecast.


Tiny’s new PANTONE series of Minis latches onto the color sensibilities of such design folk by calling out the PANTONE color matching system. For those not in the business, PANTONE (yes, always all caps) has an almost infinite color palette of precise hues created to standardize such colors for use across all forms of design. We’re talking thousands of colors including standards for fluorescent, metallic, and other applications. It’s a system designers around the world have relied on for decades.


The original Mini (we know, it was manufactured under different nameplates) is one of those rare cars that can be painted literally any color and look like it belongs. So of course, Tiny painted their Mini models in a plethora of specific shades from the Pantone palette.These models come in an array of body styles including the hatchback coupe, Countryman, and pickup.

The packaging really helps sell the car, too. It features the same crisp, no-nonsense graphic style of their color guides, and comes with what looks like a can of that color ink or paint (it’s empty, of course.) The presentation has a no-nonsense air even if the car and the color are whimsical.


The result is an icon of design matched with an icon of design. It’s the kind of model you might expect to see in the gift shop at a museum. As a diecast collector, Mini enthusiast, graphic designer, and illustrator myself, I plan to grab a few of these to provide inspiration in my home studio. There’s good info on the whole line at hobbyDB.