Two Weeks Left To Nominate!

“This year I’ll proudly nominate a few important figures in the model car world that have, until now, gone unrecognized.  Throughout the history of our hobby, there were individuals behind every car or truck or model car package you held in your hand.  It’s time we get to know a few more of them.”

Mac Ragan, model car designer, Selection Committee member and author 

2017 Nominee, Greenlight Ford F-350 Ramp Truck
2017 Nominee, Greenlight Ford F-350 Ramp Truck

Your story is waiting to be told, too

Whether it’s great collectors you know on your forum, a model that you just can’t look away from, or a brand you know has cranked out a showstopper this year, I know you and your community have seen something special, too. Time is running out to honor that and show others what’s made the hobby enjoyable for you!

2017 Nominee, Auto World 2017 Mustang GT
2017 Nominee, Auto World 2017 Mustang GT

Go ahead and nominate

Simply select the categories of your nominee and the correct form will load, then enter the information and submit!

Here are the steps: 

  1. Visit the site:
  2. Click the drop-down menu under “Submit a Nomination”
  3. Choose the category you’re nominating for
  4. Fill out the information after the form loads, and submit!

If you have any trouble submitting a nomination, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email. Happy nominating!

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