Hot Wheels Carbonator New Year

What Diecast Model Can’t You Resist Everytime You See It?

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

We all have our favorite mainstream diecast models that show up year after year in different color schemes and other variants. Ones that we just can’t pass up buying when we see them in the stores.

For those who know me, the Hot Wheels 1971 Buick Riviera is a favorite of mine. I used to own the real thing for over 30 years, so it’s one of my favorite cars ever. And for years, there was little diecast of it available. Lindberg made a 1/64 plastic kit in the early ’70s, and that was about it until Micro Machines put out a few variants. Now there are several models, from premium to peg hangers to choose from. So next time they release a new variant, I am going to buy several.

Hot Wheels 1971 Buick Rivera Treasure Hunt

I have an irrational attraction to another Hot Wheels car, a vehicle that gets at least one annual release every year. The Carbonator.

If you haven’t seen it, the Carbonator looks like a soda bottle on wheels, complete with Coca-Cola curves (y’know, like a C3 Corvette!). What makes it special is its huge whale-tail spoiler… which is actually a functioning bottle opener. Brilliant.

Hot Wheels Carbonator New Year

For over a decade, Hot Wheels has created a special New Year variant of the Carbonator with special tampos and carding. And… I… cannot… resist! I’ve collected every version of the New Year variants, as well as others that have come out in between. For a party several years ago, I collected a stash of them to give out to the guests so they could open their bottles with them.

For such a practical car, I still have most of them in the package. But there are several hanging out in my kitchen, rec room, every cooler in the house, and anywhere else I might need an opener and a toy car to play with.

And even if I don’t need it, I find it hard to leave one on the pegs if I see it in the wild.

Now you know my weakness. Tell us about yours in the comments!