Why Don’t We Have Models of These Cars?

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

We recently ran an article on how a diecast car might come to life due to the influence of an employee or friend who has a passion for a car that otherwise might never come to life. Companies like Microcar Models Australia or Autocult certainly do more than their fair share to bring odd brands and one-off models to diecast reality.

Here are a few models I’ve been waiting on forever. Your mileage may vary as to whether these are great cars, but surely there are more than a few folks who would buy these in miniature. As of this writing, none of these models seem to be available in diecast. (If you have information to the contrary, please tell us in the comments!)

Zimmer Quicksilver – This NeoClassic coupe is derived from a Pontiac Fiero, believe it or not. The Quicksilver looks twice as long as the donor car.


Maxton Rollerskate – The pride of Longmont Colorado, the tiny fiberglass two-seater had a Mazda Wankel engine spinning away at its heart. With such strange engineering, the Rollerskate must be preserved in miniature.

maxton roller skate

Bradley GT – The swoopy lines, the gullwing doors, the familiar vibrato of that VW engine out back… who didn’t want one of these in the 1970s? Since the real thing came in kit form, a 1/25 Bradley kit molded  in sparkly bass-boat colors would be a hit.


Corvette Summer – Mark Hammill’s follow-up to 1977’s Star Wars was Corvette Summer, a film about him tracking down his stolen one-of-a-kind custom C3 Vette. And, boy howdy, did they make it unique! You might remember AMT/Ertl making a model of it, but that was just another custom Corvette that shared some design cues.

amt custom corvette kit
Inspired by the movie car, no doubt, but not quite.

Porsche 935 – They already make models of those, right? Not like this one… When Jean-Claude Rude wanted to attempt a bicycle speed record in 1979, he added an aerodynamic tent-like structure to the back of a 935. Kind of looks like a Pontiac Aztek with a tent option, no? Also, look at the front gear on that bike! This would make a neat diorama.

porsche 935 jean claude rude

Let us know if you have any favorite vehicles that have ZERO representation in miniature.

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who also writes about model cars. You can see his work at

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