brutonator carbonator

You Say Carbonator, I say Brutonator

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

A while back, I wrote about my irrational love for the Hot Wheels Carbonator. It’s basically a soda bottle on wheels with a huge rear spoiler that works as a bottle opener. There’s something so clever about this design that warms my collector’s heart.

I spotted a new variant on the pegs at the grocery store the other day, and… what the heck?

brutonator card

The car is named “Brutonator” on the card. The label on the bottle also says “Brutonabor Since 2012.” Very odd. I have some questions. Is this a permanent change? If so, why? Was there a trademark issue with the name? Is this just for a one-off? And why “Since 2012,” when the casting debuted in 2008?

If anyone has any answers, I’d love to hear from you.brutonator card