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Model Kit of the Year – 2CV Fourgonette

The 2CV is in many ways a car in the right place at the right time. Through production was interrupted twice by world wars, the basic premise of the 2cv: a cheap and capable car for the masses, continued to propel it forward against all odds. The 2cv radically changed the whole idea of car […]

1/87 Scale Car of the Year – ’61 Impala

A big American car in a small scale? Yup, the Oxford 1/87 Scale Chevrolet Impala works. The ’61 Impala was in many ways a forward looking car. Instead of huge tail fins, massive chrome bumpers and powerful yet leisurely engines, the impala heralded the sportier future of many American cars. You could get the Impala […]

1/64 Scale Car of the Year – ’64 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Like so many of the best automotive advancements, muscle cars were born from racing. What do you do to make your car good at racing? Well, if you’re an American manufacturer in the 60’s, you keep the big v8, preferably make it even bigger, and ditch as much of the remaining car as possible. Such […]

1/43 Scale Car of the Year – Cadillac Broadmoor

What’s your idea of luxury? Is it a resort getaway, tucked in one of the country’s most beautiful regions, is it experiencing incredible natural scenery, or wafting about in extreme comfort inside one of the worlds most sumptuous cars? With the Cadillac Broadmoor, you could do all three. Based on the 1959 Cadillac El Dorado […]

1/24 Scale Car of the Year – ’65 Riviera GS

The mid sixties saw the American auto industry reaching its peak, which GM leading the race to the top. Even then, Just as muscle cars were beginning their moment and solidifying the identity of the American car for decades, American manufacturers were still looking to Europe for inspiration. Still, European themes like “elegant” and “understated” […]

1/18 Scale Car of the Year – Bugatti Type 57

Some of the most collectible cars ever made come from the risk-taking, pioneering automotive engineers and coach-builders of the pre-war period. These were cars when cars were something new, something to be taken to the fringes of design and styling and experimented with. That meant that many designs were truly unique, with single models of […]