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2019 Model Car Customizer: Jim Coppola

 We’re proud to welcome this year’s Model Car Customizer Inductee, Jim Coppola. Now going by Jimi’zJunkYard on Facebook, Jimi got his start with a bit of friendly encouragement from his wife Terry, who suggested he pursue his hobby a bit further. With a love of Hot Wheels well established, Jim started joining groups online and […]

2019 Automotive Artist: Marcello Gandini

Born in Turin, Marcello Gandini began designing for now-legendary marque Lamborghini early in their history as head of Bertone, the automotive design company made famous first by his peer Giorgetto Giugiaro and later Gandini himself. Gandini designed easily the most recognizable Lamborghini’s in the first half of the company’s history, the swoopy Miura and the […]

Automotive Brand of the Year: McLaren

Racing has always been the crucible on which greatness is forged in the automotive world. In the case of this year’s Automotive Brand of the Year, it built an entire company. McLaren began with its namesake, Bruce McLaren, a New Zealander who grew up in the shadow of his father’s automotive racing hobby. In 1952 […]

Model Car Brand of the Year: Tamiya

Model companies, like the machines they recreate, have grown in size, diversity and complexity. From handmade recreations to digitally rendered and mass produced, Tamiya is one of those companies that has continued to lead in the hobby and grow along with it. With its beginnings in 1948 making model ships, Tamiya has grown to offer […]

Model Car Dealer of the Year: Collectible Diecast

We all get our diecast from somewhere, and sometimes the seller truly stands out. Collectible Diecast was started by a true enthusiast and collector back in the eBay era. Eli Strickland, supporting his growing family, sold diecast on eBay through the late 90’s into the 2000’s. After deciding to create his own site to avoid […]

Novice Model Brand of the Year: Almost Real

There’s a wide spread of diecast models out there, sometimes it’s nice to find one that slides right in the middle. Almost Real is a newer brand with a particular focus, offering a selective menu of interesting models for a mid-range price point created by SUMS MODEL TOYS CO. Almost Real’s models come from a […]