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Supplier Brand of the Year: Moon Eyes

Moon Eyes is a brand that’s instantly recognizable to hot rodders, for good reason. In the 40’s, founder Dean Moon and his father were deeply involved in the southern California car scene, including running a go kart track and racing at lakebeds like El Mirage. By 1950, Dean was ready to take his expertise into […]

Content Creator of the Year: The Scale Modeling Channel

So many models, so little time, right? Are you also one of those collectors with a huge wish list of diecast and model kits that only seems to get bigger every year. Luckily, we’re in a golden age of sorts for diecast on the internet, including on a little site called Youtube where collectors and […]

Construction Model of the Year: Caterpillar Blasthole Drill

Yes, this is not a supercar. It’s not a regular car either, or a truck, or a bus. What it is, though, is undeniably cool. Remember being a kid, when you had Erector Sets, or when you asked your dad what those giant orange machines were moving around construction sites, building the very city in […]

Slot Car of the Year: Scalextric Ford GT Gulf GTE

We’ve written a few times about Ford GT40’s and GT’s. Beginning with the GT40, Ford created a pure racing machine with a single-minded purpose: Dominate at LeMans (and beat Ferrari). The marque brought together some legendary names to aid in the effort, and in 1966 accomplished their goal. GT40’s continued to win at LeMan, including […]

Model Kit of the Year: Tamiya LaFerrari

Supercars are always some of the best models. Usually produced in no more than handfuls, the real stuff is often unobtanium for many, but kits can bring scaled down versions into a lot more hands. The LaFerrari is the supercar’s supercar. With an 800hp V12, a formula-one style kinetic energy recovery system providing an electric […]

Model Truck of the Year: Mercedes Argentina Bus

Let’s just get this on the record: Buses can be cool, too. Yesterday’s Inductee, the 1/87 Scale GM 1404 from Iconic, distinguished itself as the most advanced bus of the time. Today’s Model Truck of the year is also a cool bus, representing a different milestone for a different manufacturer. Mercedes had been making heavy-duty […]