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What Happens When We Die?

Kenner ssp collection

There’s a chance someone in your family shares the same passion for the hobby you do, in which case your collection might go to them intact, which would be great. But there’s also a chance that people are only somewhat interested in your collectibles and only want the ones they like.

M2 Machines Collectors Unite in One Database at hobbyDB

M2 Machiines logo

M2Machines he latest company to participate in the “Official Archives” project at hobbyDB. There are now over 9,800 distinct models and variants listed on the site, many including photos direct from the folks at M2.

Little Bulli Invades SEMA Show

M2 Machines VW Bulli SEMA

M2 Machines has gone out of its way to show off the absurd in their modestly named “1960 Volkswagen 4×4 Type 2 PickUp”, a very jacked up VW Transporter pickup.