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Community Highlights: John Righter’s Restoration Videos

Whatever your thoughts on restoring vs. originality when it comes to Hot Wheels Redlines, you’ve got to respect someone who puts a ton of time and care into bringing Redlines back to their original glory. In this case, if you’re opposed to restorations, at least your only watching! On Community Supporter John Righter’s Youtube channel […]

Redlines, Rare Cars and Really Cool People

We’re back from LA and the 32nd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention with some new cars, new video and some great stories. This convention celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels and brought in some truly great and influential people from the Hot Wheels World. The convention cars also look really special in their anniversary […]

Chris Walker’s Super Size Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are 1/64 scale, right? Well, not always. Hot Wheels have always had such iconic models that collectors have often been inspired to scale up these souped up supercars, usually with 1:1 scale re-imaginings. If you’re like me, though, you might not have the shelf-space for 1:1 versions of all your favorite Hot Wheels. […]