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Model Car Hall Taps Ron Ruelle as Creative Director and Wheelman

Ron Ruelle

The Model Car Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Ron Ruelle as its new Creative Director and Editor. Ruelle will take over most creative and editorial duties, rounding up the most important news in the diecast collecting hobby along with his own unique perspectives, listicles, rankings, and musings on the subject.

MCHOF’23: Nylint Rolls Back Into the Collector Toy Market

nylint sunshine

Remember Nylint toys? You may have owned some big Tonka construction vehicles when you were a kid, such as the Mighty Dump dumper, and the front loader. They were made of pressed steel for all the strong parts. And of course, there was Nylint, filling in for the same purpose, the same scale. They also […]

MCHOF’23: Tootsietoy Was a Cheap, Colorful Gateway to Collecting

TootsieToy vintage Cars

Quick, what comes to mind when you think of the Tootsietoys brand? Most likely it’s a somewhat crude, single-piece diecast vehicle with axles and slow-rolling tires crimped to the body. Or maybe a vehicle like that, but with a single-piece plastic interior sandwiched between those elements. The classic Tootsietoy cars and trucks were once a […]