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Matchbox Wrecker Restoration

Marty’s Matchbox Makeovers has this great restoration of a Matchbox K2 King Size Scammel Wrecking truck. Check it out!

Get Your Car On the Cover

Fireball has branched out into some cool automotive coloring books, and now he’ll recreate your car on the cover.

Jim Bur joins the Selection Committee

Think about what brings you to the hobby. Maybe you saw a particular model that you loved, maybe you collect models close to the car you own or used to own. What if your job, your hobby, and even your daily driver became a cohesive, extensive catalogue of your favorite brand? Our newest selection committee […]

Immersed: Marshall Buck Joins the Selection Committee

Marshall Buck, The newest member of the Model Car Hall of Fame Selection Committee, possess experience in every corner of the model car hobby, from building and collecting to business and entrepreneurship. Beginning with diecast from big European names, Marshall quickly added kits and slot cars to his growing scale vehicle interest, and with some […]

Selection Committee – Bruce Meyer and his Dream Material

In the digital age, it seems that fans have entered another golden era for cars. It’s easier than ever for your average guy to find and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a whole range of cars from all around the world, not just what’s at their local used car lot or cruise night. A big […]