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And The Winner of the MCHOF Showcase Contest is…

MCHOF Showcase Collection

John Greaves is the winner of our MCHOF Showcase Contest, speeding past the competition with his impressive collection of 1/18th scale models. Greaves recently paired down his collection of Hot Wheels Redlines from 120 models, holding on to favorites such as his Highway 61 Fred Gibb 427, Billy The Kid Challenger and the 1/12th Kyosho […]

We’ve extended the contest! Win the Model Car Hall of Fame Cobra

ENTER THROUGH MARCH! We’re extending our Showcase Contest through March 31st. After 3 weeks or 1000 submissions, we’ll close entry and judge your submissions starting March 31st. Shelby American Collection President Steve Volk will join us to help choose the best all-around showcase and once a winner is determined, we’ll announce the results on April […]

How To Showcase Your Diecast To Win a Cobra

Creating an account and adding your information First, sign in or make an account on hobbyDB.  Once you’ve made your account, head to your Showcase. Click on your Username on the top right of the home page. Now click the edit button at the top of your info section on the left of your Showcase. […]

All about the 1/18th Scale MCHOF Cobra

The Shelby Cobra today stands as one of the most legendary sports cars in history. Before the fame and the kit-cars, though, there was this: Chassis number CSX2000, the first AC ACE to be fitted with a Ford V8 by Carroll Shelby in his southern California shop. This 1/18th Scale model comes from The Hamilton […]