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Hot Wheels Legends Tour Dates for 2020

In case you’ve been living under a diecast rock, here’s the scoop on the Hot Wheels Legend Tour: it’s an annual cross-country event held in major cities where Mattel, Hot Wheels, and their partners invite hot-rodders, customizers, and anyone with a wild enough car to show off their wheels and potentially see them recreated in […]

Hagerty Shows Off Their Lego Mustang Build

If you don’t know by now that LEGO does a Creator Expert series of brick-ified classic cars, you should seriously check them out. These cars have more detail, more pieces, and more for the discerning enthusiast to be proud of after snapping that last brick into place. Now Hagerty has combined it’s time-lapse expertise from their […]

The Best New Database for Volvo Models

The biggest database for collectors, hobbyDB, is now the best for Volvo model car fans as well. Working together with our friends at the Volvo Model Car Group, hobbyDB now features a database for every Volvo model car ever made from all sorts or model builders. Check out the full story here on hobbyDB. 

New Arrivals from Replicarz

Our Sponsors at Replicarz have new arrivals this week from brands like Autoart, Spark, Greenlight, and more.