Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Model Car Hall of Fame? 

Since its foundation in 2009, the Model Car Hall of Fame has grown into one of the collecting community’s best-known and favorite events. Over the years, more 167 inductees have passed into its annals, including luminaries like Carroll Shelby, Jay Leno and Larry Wood. The New Mode Car Hall Hall of Fame is positioning itself to be THE elite organization in supporting the diecast, model kit and slot car communities; both its businesses and collectors. To see all past inductees, click here


What do Patrons, Community Supporters and Industry Affiliates do?
In order to make sure that the Model Car Hall of Fame reflects all aspects of the community, we also have a variety of community supporters. We ask Community Supporters promote the Hall, the annual event, to put future inductees forward and offer feedback about the event. Patrons and Industry Affiliates such as brands and stores give the Hall financial support. If you’re interested in becoming a Patron, Community Supporter, Industry Affiliate or Sponsor contact us. Here is a list of our PatronsCommunity Supporters and Sponsors & Industry Affiliates.  These organizations can display the MCHOF Supporter badge (you can download these here).


Can I come visit the Model Car Hall of Fame?
You will be able to in the future! We’re currently looking for a museums or other potential partner that could provide a physical home for the Model Car Hall of Fame. More updates to come!