How to get Inducted

January  –  Preparation

We review our list of categories from across the automotive, diecast, model kit and slot car world and determine if we need new categories.  Here is a list of the 2024 categories and don’t hesitate to suggest some more!

May  –  Nominations

Nominations come from you: The scale car community! Over a few months, we collect hundreds of nominations for whoever or whatever caught your eye, made an impression on you or your community at large over the previous year. You can nominate as many brands, models or people as you want, so be sure to check out all the Categories!

Late Summer (date TBD)  –  Our Selection Committee

To sort through such a huge list of nominations, we have a group of talented folks from across the model car and automotive world, from magazine editors to award-winning kit builders, designers of models in all scales up to 1:1, book authors and concourse judges. Our Selection Committee comes together to choose the top 5 in each category.

Autumn (date TBD)  –  Voting!

Once the Selection Committee has chosen their favorites, we turn it back over to you, with a public voting period. Now, you get to see a full list of nominees with pictures and links to all the information we can find, giving you what you need to pick the best.

Last but not Least  –

November (date TBD)  –  The Announcement & Celebration!