Looking For New Community Ambassadors

For the last  15 years, the Model Car Hall of Fame has gathered enthusiasts from across the scale vehicle world to celebrate all the best in the hobby.

The community nominates and supports hundreds of your favorite brands, models, and collectors each year for 26 different awards including Model Builder of the Year, Collector of the Year, Model of the Year, and Brand of the Year. Our model category alone includes scales, all the way from 1/8 to 1/87 and smaller, to Slot Cars, Model Farm Toys, and Model Trucks.

With the help of our talented selection committee comprised of model car designers, slot car racers, and magazine editors, we’ve inducted over 200 notables into the Hall of Fame.  Just to name a few, our inductees include Jay Leno, Carroll Shelby, Dale Earnhardt, and Parnelli Jones.  We have also inducted Brands of the Year and Models of the Year.

The most important thing about the Hall is that it’s fun! We celebrate alongside a huge community of more than 5 million enthusiasts from 29 countries. We all love cars, model cars, diecast, and the community we share. We want to see amazing models and meet all the great people collecting and building them.

To help keep the spirit and momentum of the Hall alive, we’re looking for new Community Ambassadors who could volunteer their time to help –

Ideally, this is someone with an interest in all kinds of cars including 1/1, scale, model car kits, diecast etc. This role could also be fit for more than one person. So if just you or if you, and some of your friends are interested, definitely let us know!