Other Model Car Awards

Many of our Community Supporters do their own awards and we like them all! Here are the ones we know aboutĀ  –


Diecast Brazil Hall of Fame launched in 2023 and is planned as an annual event.



Diecast.org was running a Diecast Scale Model HOF between 2006 and 2011,
you can see its nominees here.


Supertoycon has started in 2018 giving out annual awards during the event in Las Vegas.



The Isolation Island Concours d’ Elegance was the event of the year 2020 with 9 Rounds and a Final hold in December.



Modell Fahrzeug Magazine, a German publication is giving out a number of annual awards
and has done so since 2000.


The Utah Miniature Automotive Guild organized a Hall of Fame for model kits builder
and builds between 1992 and 2015. You can find past winners here.



Volvo Model Cars, an active Facebook group and now also a Volvo model database
celebrated its first Volvo Model Car of the Year in 2019.