Meet the Team

Besides the Selection Committee, our Community Supporters, Patrons and Industry Affiliates there is also a small team that works full-time on making this Hall the home for the model and automotive world.

John O'Neil - Community Director

John has always been car obsessed. From Hot Wheels to 1:1, the sights, sounds and experience of cars are what drives him. With a background in writing and campaigning, naturally he wanted to combine these skills as Community Director for the MCHOF.

Fabio Di Pane Masi - Web Developer

Fabio has always been a model car enthusiast and collector. In 2009 he started to catalog all his models linking them to the cars they were based on. This idea was the basis for Fabio's other site

Christian Braun - Chair

Christian has been a collector for 44 years and has been working on the concept of a universal database of collectibles for the last 15 as a co-founder of hobbyDB, the site aiming to store all this data. Beyond these roles, he is also the Chair of the Pop Culture Hall of Fame and on the board of Auto-Archives.